Steel Drilling Services

We have the tools and capability to precision drill holes in up to 150mm thick steel plate, using our plasma or oxy cutting machines.

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How big is the hole you need? We can drill perfectly round holes faster than anyone can cut them!

At Ferrocut, we use the latest kinetic technology to provide tailored and accurate drilling, adding ease to any assembly job.

Our drilling services include tapping, milling and countersinking. We drill perfectly round holes and ensure tight tolerances across multiple materials.

Our precision-cut steel is delivered with neatly drilled holes, ready to assemble for specialist projects in the mining, defence, infrastructure, engineering and transport sectors.

Different cut of steel with holes

Our specialist drilling capabilities

At Ferrocut we have the capacity to drill in line on either our plasma or oxy processing machines and we can drill up to 150mm thick steel plate.

The hole sizes can be anything from 3mm – 75mm in diameter. We apply standard and plow bolt countersinking for best results.

Our drilling machine has a massive 60hp spindle motor capable of drilling 75mm diameter through 100mm thick plate in just 30 seconds, allowing us to drill perfectly round parallel holes way faster than anyone can cut them.

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Ferrocut is your trusted partner in heavy steel plate processing and drilling solutions in South Australia. Whatever your project requirements, we have the expertise to deliver in all your steel needs. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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