Engineering company relies on Ferrocut as a bespoke engineering steel supplier

Our engineering partner is an expert in solving material handling problems for their clients across multiple sectors. The success of the business relies on the delivery of reliable engineering steel suppliers. Ferrocut never disappoints – here’s the proof.

Finding a reliable steel partner

Operating since 1975, our engineering partner delivers bespoke mechanical engineering solutions to fulfill the needs of its agricultural clients – manufacturing proprietary products used around bunker sites around Australia.

In the process of improving its supply chain in making high-quality machines for bunker sites, the company has identified Ferrocut as one of its best-performing suppliers for several years now.

A General Manager says identifying their most trusted suppliers has put Ferrocut at the top of the list – for several reasons.

“In the past, we would process a lot of steel in-house. It was extremely time-consuming and required many of our resources. But partnering with Ferrocut meant we could take the steel processing out of our business, giving us more time to focus on the mechanical aspects. We now make better machines because of this.”

Winning the confidence of a client

In the beginning phase of the company’s partnership with a grain-growing business in WA – the engineering team had to demonstrate their full-service capabilities. The manager explains how Ferrocut played a massive role in strengthening their collaboration with the grain business.

“They have their own machine designs. The designs are quite particular and detailed. In order to win their confidence, we had to demonstrate that we have the ability to process steel to their specifications. Ferrocut delivered reliably, which meant we won over their confidence and trust. We manufactured our first machine in 2017-2018.”

A value alignment

Finding a business partner that aligns with your company values and offers real reliability is rare. For the company, working with Ferrocut has been seamless, enjoyable and rewarding, thanks to value alignment.

“Ferrocut have proven themselves to be in line with our values. They’re flexible, committed to sustainability, reliable, their work is of outstanding quality and they put the customer first. They deliver exactly what we want every time. There are some nuances in our production process, and Ferrocut delivers to suit our process.”

“They take initiative, and this is priceless”

In the design and manufacturing industry, being proactive and taking initiative to solve problems before they become too big is key to achieving success.

“Ferrocut takes initiative, which is priceless. Our team members always enjoy calling Ferrocut. It doesn’t matter who picks up the phone, each team member seems to know the project status at any given moment. We always get a clear answer.

When we send them an order, they run a diligent checking process to make sure the end result will be to specification. And they’ll sometimes pick up on a mistake that no one noticed, which mitigates risk.”

Leading the market

“Ferrocut is undoubtedly leading the market in steel processing in WA. They are simply the best in the business.

The fact that they have significant buying power and that they are willing to carry large inventory is really helpful and valuable in this industry.”

Ferrocut can do this for you, too

If this success story appeals to you, you’re in for a treat. In SA, Ferrocut delivers the best in steel stock and processing solutions and takes customer service seriously.

Contacting Ferrocut for your steel needs might be the best decision you make today.

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