Ferrocut partners with one of SA’s heavy steel fabricators

A large specialist fabricator of heavy and complex structural steel in South Australia has partnered with Ferrocut to deliver tailored steel solutions for the completion of large projects.

The engineering firm aims to transform communities by optimising and building structures that matter. They undertake full-scope of project management in construction, from design optimisation through to installation, that benefits many Australians.

A perfect partnership for large and complex projects

Ovingham Level Crossing

The removal of the Ovingham level crossing in Adelaide is an initiative by the Australian and South Australian governments, which has been undertaken by this engineering firm. An average of 21,300 vehicles pass through the crossing each day. The boom gates at Torrens Road are down for approximately 22% of the time during the combined AM and PM peak hours.

Removing the level crossing will significantly improve travel times for motorists, reliability for buses using Torrens Road, and overall safety for all road users.

The engineering firm has engaged the services of Ferrocut to ensure this project runs smoothly and delivers tailored steel products on time and to specification.

Oz Minerals Prominent Hill Mine

Ferrocut has also partnered with the engineering firm in delivering processed steel products for the construction of a Head Frame at the Prominent Hill Mine in South Australia.

The Managing Director of the engineering firm is extremely pleased with the reliable relationship it has with the team at Ferrocut.

“The Ferrocut team is willing to help when we are in a bind. They stand by any issues that they have and sort them out ASAP.”

When it comes to product traceability, their partnership has resulted in a massive value-add.

“The traceability system that has been developed between us and Ferrocut is seamless and provides a system that has true integrity. Etching of ID onto the individual parts is of huge advantage. Bevelling of edges is a service that we have traditionally done in-house, but without significant additional cost Ferrocut is able to provide this for us.”

Unbeatable reliability and promptness

“We can rely on Ferrocut to be a consistent and capable supplier of value added plate products. They have the appropriate knowledge, networks and support to be our key supplier and to provide us with quality products on time and at a reasonable price.
We recommend Ferrocut, absolutely. We love working with Shawn and his team.”

Ferrocut can be your steel partner on large and complex projects, too

You can trust Ferrocut to deliver quality, Australian-manufactured steel products tailored to your project. We don’t just sell steel – we promote strong partnerships and deliver excellence.

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