Steel Bevelling

At Ferrocut, we are at the forefront of CNC technology, to ensure precision and speed in steel bevelling. We’re experienced in creating perfectly angled sloped edges on thick steel plates ahead of welding.

Machine beveling steel plates

State-of-the-art technology

When steel plates are very thick, it’s impossible to obtain a good weld without weld preparation – in other words, without bevelling. We bevel plates thicker than 4mm before welding can take place.

Our machines are state-of-the-art. We can create the most accurate straight-line bevelling finishes and we’re meticulous in countersinking and drill tapping to deliver steel components that are perfectly aligned for assembly and fabrication.

Bevelling strengthens the joints considerably, depending on the steel type and its application. Our bevelling process is ideal for heavy duty machinery and equipment made for construction, mining, transportation and agricultural use.

Bevelled bars

Our bevelling capabilities

At Ferrocut, we have the capability to bevel all plate products, including mild steel, quenched and tempered steel of between 8 and 300mm thick and 2500W x 60000L in size.

We can combine both bevel and straight cuts and bevel at a range of between -45 to +45 degrees.

Our machine sits at an angle setting accuracy of 1 degree. We can execute multi-pass bevelling.

There are various types of bevels we can achieve, and each project will require its own unique bevel form.

Our steel specialists make sure that they know each detail of the project requirements to suggest the right bevel type for optimum effectiveness.

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At Ferrocut, we are experts in steel bevelling as part of our steel processing capabilities. No job is too big or complicated – we’ll always find a way to make it happen.

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